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the new album by Martin Meister is available now worldwide on any streaming and music outlet. LINK




DISCO BEACH BEAT MACHINE by Martin Meister (November 2023, worldwide)


After a hiatus, celebrated artist Martin Meister is back with a bang! Debuting at number 2 in the Dance Charts and at number 24 (peak posistion 12) in the iTunes Album Charts with his highly-anticipated dance album 'Disco Beach Beat Machine,'. The album is entirely self-produced. With a remarkable career that includes work with pop icon Madonna, The Cranberries, British chart-topper Kris Di Angelis (aka KDA), and German rock legend Nena, Meister's musical journey has taken a thrilling turn.

Martin Meister's songwriting is a mirror to the challenges faced by musicians, artists, and individuals alike, especially during the tumultuous years of the global pandemic and economic instability. 'Disco Beach Beat Machine' offers a poignant and self-affirming soundtrack, encouraging listeners to embrace their emotions, release their spirits, and confront the realities of our double standards. These double standards are embodied by the masks we wear – the perpetual happy face society expects, in contrast with the underlying complexities of life.


All tracks on the album are produced by Martin from start to finish. Martin has penned the lyrics for most of the tracks (except 4 tracks), offering a unique perspective. For instance, the opening track 'Disco Beach' paints a vivid picture of a 'TikTok' enthusiast daydreaming on her daily commute. 'Till & Jill' delves into the comical yet inappropriate text exchanges of a rock musician. 'Giorgio' pays tribute to the iconic electronic dance music pioneer and DJ Giorgio Moroder, whose work, including Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love,' paved the way for generations of electronic dance music.
'Live Life' serves as a celebration of life itself, while 'Not Giving In' carries a defiant message, encouraging listeners to stay true to their path amidst societal noise. 'Music In You' is a gentle reminder that we all harbour something positive within us, and by letting it shine, we attract goodness. 'The Art is Done' explores the struggle to find one's place, be it as an artist or a person in a rapidly evolving world, where fame, even if it's just '15 minutes,' remains an enduring aspiration.

Meister's album artwork, featuring a robot that is also Meister himself (it’s a photograph of Martin Meister turned into a half-animated creature), symbolises the division of our lives. It's a representation of the sunny side of existence with its concealed, intricate surface. 'Disco Beach Beat Machine' explores the yin and yang of life – the moon and the sun, water and air – with a unique blend of gritty vocals, pulsating dance beats, and a live choir that echoes the essence of our souls.

Meister's musical vision for the album is equally eclectic, blending a retro ambiance with contemporary beats. This auditory fusion mirrors the multifaceted world we live in. 'Disco Beach Beat Machine' is an invitation to dance, an auditory odyssey reminiscent of a glamorous outdoor club night, set against the backdrop of castles, laser lights, and the moon emerging behind a cloudy sky to reveal a star-studded expanse.
Experience the magic of 'Disco Beach Beat Machine' and embark on a musical journey that transcends time and space. It's the dance anthem, a celebration of life's complexities, and a reminder that every beat has its unique rhythm, current and passed.


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Martin Meister artwork single The Art is Done (a Xmas Song) Christmas Radio Version.
Martin Meister - The Art is Done (a Xmas Song)

Martin Meister - The Art is Done (a Xmas Song)


Spotify: here


LINK to all streaming outlets.

Stream now on all outlets worldwide: Radio Mix with the Vienna Nestroy Choir.


EDM, written, composed & performed by Martin Meister.

Special thanks to the Berlin Symphonics & the Vienna Nestroy Choir featured in the Radio Mix.


Martin Meister Not giving In 2.0 feat. Ziv Shalit
Martin Meister Not giving In 2.0 feat. Ziv Shalit

Martin Meister x Ziv Shalit - Not Giving In 2.0


Stream on all platforms worldwide: HERE


Written & produced by Martin Meister

Featuring the amazing Ziv Shalit on co-vocals.

Strings by Berlin Symphonics. Mixed by Martin 101.


Artwork by Martin Meister.


Martin Meister feat. Anya Kaye - Music in You now on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YT Music
Martin Meister feat. Anya Kaye - Music in You

Check out the new single Music in You

Written and produced by Martin Meister

Featuring Martin Meister and Berlin based Anya Kaye on lead vocals, and special additional vocals by Burgtheater Vienna, Austrian actor Nikita Dendl.


Photography by Philipp Jelenska.

Artwork by Martin Meister.

Music in You is released worldwide on all streaming and download.

Martin Meister - Pandemic Dance
Martin Meister Pandemic Dance now on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer



Pandemic Dance (After Lockdown) by Martin Meister

Big Room/ Nu-Disco /EDM

Available now, worldwide on any streaming app.

Written and performed by Martin Meister.

Produced by Martin 101.

Additional vocals by Anya Kay.

Apple Music / Spotify


Photography by Philipp Jelenska.

Artwork/Graphic by Martin Meister.

Martin Meister Pandemic Waltz music single artwork.

New year, new music. Pandemic Waltz (After Lockdown) written, performed and produced by Martin Meister is now available worldwide on all streaming (Apple Music, YT, Tidal, Spotify and many more). The song is taken from the forthcoming new album by Martin Meister which will be realeased in 2021. Get up, dance, make your room to a waltz floor! Some of the lyrics say:

Is this our time, is this our place to reunite, to become super great!


Written/Produced/Vocals: Martin Meister

Choir: Martin Meister, Anya Kaye, Martin 101

Photography: Philipp Jelenska

Grooming: Verena Rabl

Artwork: Martin Meister


Martin Meister and Anya Kaye - Disco Beach single.
Disco Beach by Martin Meister featuring Anya Kaye now on Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming & download.

DISCO BEACH by Martin Meister;

the follow up single to SUPERNATURE has been released! Martin Meister teamed up with Anya Kaye for the single DISCO BEACH, a disco electro house track written & produced by Martin Meister. Released 15. September 2020 worldwide (Spotify, YT, Apple Music, iTunes and all other platforms). Dance mixes will be released 18. September 2020, on all outlets worldwide. The music video directed by Martin Meister, which was filmed in-between lockdowns summer 2020 could not be completed so far due to Covid restrictions and travel banns  in 2020, subscribe to the official YouTube chanel to be notified when its finally publsihed early 2021.

Martin Meister alias Martin 101 & Anya Kaye

Supernature by Martin 101

(Listen here)

Martin Meister teamed up with the original UK band member (singer - choreochrapher) Anya Kaye to revive the late 1990s /early 2000s formation of his success electronica act Martin 101. The first dance track in a series is a take on the iconic Supernature. Martin 101 decided upon this track as a challenge to our climate change, global warming and questionable political state of so many nations. The track, recorded & produced in Berlin boosts Anya Kaye on co-vocals along with a haunting take of Martin's vocals. Martin stated that the songs message is as apparent as ever. It's all about being much more aware of our climate, surroundings and how to save this planet, otherwise we'd slip into dark times, it's up to us.


Supernature by Martin 101 worldwide on all streaming and digital stores.

New video SUPERNATURE by Martin Meister feat. Anya Kaye has been released along the Spotify/Apple Music original mix single version. (DJs can get their version from Beatport)

The video is directed and produced by Martin Meister. The message is basically to watch our planet and contribute to saving our environment plus preserving our climate/ hence stop pollution. More aparent are the lyrics with the Coronavirus outbreak. The video was produced in January 2020 by using a minimum of resources and environmental friendly props - products. Vintage retro fashion was used as well as non animal products. Some footage was contributed by 'recycled productions'. Martin supports the . We now added the World Health Organization WHO Coronavirus Fund as a donation link in the description of the video on YouTube.

©dandyboy 2020

Martin's original band formation Martin 101 is back in the studio recording with the original UK line up, choreographer & co-vocalist Anya Kaye. While we await the new recordings later on in 2019, here is a taste of things to come with Martin 101 'Obsession'.

Martin Meister True That music single artwork.
Martin Meister True That single now on all download and streaming.

True That written by Martin Meister is now available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play Music.

Official worldwide release on 18. January 2019 on all streaming and download stores including Spotify, Deezer ,Tidal, Apple Music and You Tube Music.


Release: Martin Meister

Title: True That

Written, performed and produced by Martin Meister

Label: Dandy Boy

Available: worldwide on all streaming & download stores.

Featured in the official Hype Charts by Beatport week 3 - 2019.

'When Do I Get To Sing My Way' by Martin Meister is now available on Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Amazon worldwide which includes Martin's Stranger Things mix.

Subscribe to Martin's official YouTube channel and catch official new music videos  -> HERE.

Martin Meister alias Martin 101.
Martin 101 'Meister 15th Rhythm Collection' album.

Thank you to iTunes Argentina and everyone supporting! The Martin 101 album 'Meister 15th Rhythm Collection' was placed among Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Deadmaus, Skrillex, Daft Punk etc as one of Top álbumes en Dance in the iTunes Top 100 Dance Album Charts on 30th of December 2017! Happy 2018 and thank you for your everlasting support! (iTunes)

Martin Meister feat. Ziv Shalit : Not Giving In 2017 house version.
Martin Meister Not Giving In 2017 version.

Martin Meister NOT GIVING IN 2017 (written, produced by Martin 101, feat. co-vocalist Ziv Shalit with Martin) available now worldwide on all platforms, stores and streams. Including Spotify, Tidal, Beatport, Google Play and Apple Music.


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Martin Meister Marian album artwork


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Available now MY WAY & MY WAY written & produced by Martin Meister. Its the follow up to the success of the dance/house club track NOT GIVING IN which featured the outstanding singer Ziv Shalit on co-vocals. Listen to My Way & My Way on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and Google Play. Follow us on Spotify to be notified of new music.

Martin on TV.



ITUNES AUSTRIA 10.3.2016: RANK # 3 Top Albums Fitness & Workout

'NOT GIVING IN' by MARTIN MEISTER. Featuring TLVFest winner Ziv Shalit. Worldwide on iTunes/Spotify/Google Play, Beatport etc ->  Check: the chart featured  MARTIN 101 Tel Aviv Beach house mix.  #notgivingin

Martin Meister - Not Giving In
NOT GIVING IN by Martin Meister featuring Telfest LGBT short movie winner Ziv Shalit on co vocals. Check out the electronic chart featured Tel Aviv Beach house mix.

Martin 101 on Tidal Hifi Music

The entire electronica dance music release back catalogue of Martin 101 has been featured and added to Tidal, check it out here.


For Spotify here.

For Beatport here and on Beatport stream

ART OF NOISE. ->  on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon- including the club tune STRAIGHT TO YOU.

Martin Meister - Art Of Noise - Album Artwork

Martin Meister attending a charity ball in 2015 with Amanda Lepore.

Martin Meister - Generations - music album artwork

GENERATIONS. The Album worldwide on any download & streaming service.

Download on iTunes.

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